Picture of Clerget, Christian Vineyard Map

Clerget, Christian

VOUGEOT – Christian and Isabelle Clerget personify traditional Burgundy. Their secret is simply that they are blessed with some of the finest plots of land in Burgundy and they have learned to personally work this land so that it produces the absolute best fruit possible for making wine. Christian says that “the quality of the wine is determined in the vineyards.”

It is this respect for the land and the Pinot Noir grape that has helped the Clerget family turn out exceptional wine for 4 generations. And it’s all done as naturally as possible. Christian and Isabelle do everything with the help of a few trusted workers. They only harvest when the grapes are at full maturity. And harvesting by hand allows them to select only the finest grapes for the wine. Their yields are purposely kept to a low level. You can only make top quality wine by allowing the vines to produce a small amount of exceptional fruit. They even personally bottle the wine!

No large operation here. This is a small family with only 6 hectares (15 acres) of vines. Tiny! They treat their rows of vines like they are an extension of the garden behind their home. They say that “with passion and proper attention, this storied land only gives the best fruit to those who know how to appreciate the vineyards and love the vines.” That’s why you will often find them “at home” outside among their vines.

Please enjoy some of the finest red wines you will ever taste. They are all pure and balanced with great fruit flavor and wonderful texture. They taste good now, but simply get better and better when properly cellared. What a treat!

Website: http://www.christianclerget-vins.fr/en/domaine/