Picture of Joillot, Jean Luc Vineyard Map

Joillot, Jean Luc

POMMARD – Jean-Luc’s father drove a Chrysler car (Jeep Cherokee) when he was alive; so he was nicknamed “l’americain” (the American) by the other winemakers. Now, Jean-Luc drives a similar American car. He and his lovely wife, Lydia, like America and enjoy all things that are american. Most of the time when I go to France, I stay in their home. It’s very special.

Jean-Luc had the misfortune of being very young when his father died. So, the Joillot estate was held in trust by his mother for him until he was 21 years old. Then, he was instantly thrust into the position of landowner / winemaker. That was in 1982.

Now, Jean-Luc is the “diaper dandy” of Pommard. While he is in his 40′s, he has the experience and maturity of a winemaker who is 65 years old and ready to retire. And he has earned the respect of the entire winemaking community. In fact, Jean-Luc was President of the Winemakers’ Association in Pommard until 2009 … a big honor to be selected out of the 70 winemakers in Pommard.

Jean-Luc is vigorous and energetic, which is reflected in the robust style of his wines. He uses traditional Burgundian methods and enthusiastically oversees every aspect of the winemaking process. Jean-Luc, Lydia, and 3 workers do everything from pruning the vines to bottling.

Jean-Luc has learned to strike a keen balance between a wine that is cellar-able for years and a wine that is a pleasure to drink now. His wines are well structured, but also retain the elegance so characteristic of only the best Burgundies. It’s no wonder that year in and year out, Jean-Luc wins so many awards for his wines. Jean-Luc puts it best when he says, “I put my heart in every bottle.”

Website: http://www.vin-pommard.com/