Champagne (Chigny-les-Roses)

Of course, Champagne is the northern neighbor to Burgundy. It is a region just like Burgundy is a region. It is obviously not a town in Burgundy. We did, however, want you to be able to search for the fine Champagnes from Charles Gardet under the town sorting guide; so we also list Champagne here.

Champagne may be the most well known region in all of France. Who doesn’t like Champagne? Those bubbles certainly add an enjoyment and a festive atmosphere to any occasion.

We’ve all heard of the famous Champagne producers who mass produce their wines and sell them worldwide. But some of the gems from this region come from the myriads of smaller winemakers. Through friends, I have one of the best small families in Champagne who provide me with their private wines. Someone once said that the Gardet family makes the best wines that you have never heard of. These range from their entry-level Champagnes to their signature vintage cuvees — in both white as well as rose. They are a treat. And you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to enjoy these bubbles.