Picture of Ulrich Dujardin Vineyard Map

Ulrich Dujardin

Monthelie – This is yet another small, family winemaking operation that I’m privileged to know. They have only 8 hectares, mostly in Meursault and Monthelie. Like many of my other friends in Burgundy, this is a very special situation.

Check out this wonderful human interest story. Ulrich Dujardin has been a teacher. Through his experiences with young people, he has become a benefactor to a community of disadvantaged youth. In fact, he has trained several of these people to help him in the vineyards, especially at harvest time. What a fabulous win-win situation for both this small domaine as well as these young folks.

Ulrich is a most passionate person, too. From harvesting by hand to pruning the vines in order to limit production, he is passionate about traditional methods in the vineyards. Plus, he values his exceptional terroir; so he only uses environmentally friendly practices. His aim is not to maximize production; it’s to maximize the quality from each storied plot of land. In his tiny cellar, he uses time-honored practices to achieve the best wines possible.