Pommard is the first town south of Beaune. It is a tiny town of only 600 people. Yet, it has a huge reputation in the world for producing some of the world’s best red wines. There are no Grand Crus in Pommard; but in 1936-7, the AOC proposed that the Premier Cru Rugiens and the Premier Cru Epenots be classified as Grand Cru wines. The Pommard winemakers refused this higher classification for these two wines. Their shortsightedness gives us some wonderful wines that are often of higher quality than their classification. Watch out, though. There is a movement afoot to reclassify these two vineyards into Grand Crus.

We have 3 winemakers in Pommard. One makes wonderfully elegant wines. Another makes rich and bold wines. And the other makes full-flavored wines with incredible balance. Again, it depends on your palate and the food you are eating as to which wine is best. And again, there is no right answer. Of course, it’s not like you can make a bad choice.