When you experience one of Steve’s wine dinners, you feel like you’re in France with the actual wine maker presenting his/her wines. Steve makes it fun and fascinating while you taste these exclusive wines.

– John Sousa, CSW, Sommelier and Wine Connoisseur, Atlanta, GA

We winemakers in Burgundy like working with Steve because we know him and trust him; he has lived with us and knows us. Others can sell wine, but Steve can explain the essence of who we are and our way of life.

– Jean-Luc Joillot, Domaine Jean-Luc Joillot, Pommard, France

Because of our relationship with him and because of his way of doing business, we give Steve our most limited and exclusive wines. Most of these wines would never make it outside of France if we didn’t trust Steve like we do.

– Fran├žois Servin, Domaine Francois Servin, Chablis, France

Steve appreciates Burgundy wines and also tries to understand the people who are making them, so he has personal as well as professional relationships with each vintner.

– Chantal Michel, Domaine Tortochot, Gevrey-Chambertin, France

Steve brings a lot with him besides the wine, including extensive knowledge of the wines, the winemakers, the region and the grapes.

– Clint Kummer, Advanced Sommelier, Avant Partir, Atlanta, Georgia

I am impressed with Steve’s personal knowledge of wines and wine makers, as well as his ability to pair wine with food courses. He knows the excellent wine makers who even make good wines in bad years!

– Dr. Bruce White, Wine Connoisseur, Florence, South Carolina

When I traveled with Steve to France, it was evident that his relationship with each winemaker was unique. They seem more like his friends than business relationships, and his intimate knowledge of Burgundy makes you feel right at home.

– Kevin Schwartz, General Manager & Sommelier, Horizons at The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa, Asheville, North Carolina

Since Steve knows all the winemakers personally, he is familiar with the different styles of wine and the type of food that best matches each one.

– Mark Rosenstein, Chef-Owner, The Market Place Restaurant, Asheville, North Carolina

The wines that Steve offers are exceptional. He tastes everything before he imports it and insists on the best.

– Steve Stranges, M.D., Neurosurgeon and Wine Connoisseur, Asheville, North Carolina

Steve insists on buying direct from the winemaker; since he cuts out all the middle men, I get a great price that can be passed on to my guests.

– Kevin Schwartz, General Manager & Sommelier, Horizons at The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa, Asheville, North Carolina

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