How to Get to Know the Winemarkers in Their Own Homes

June 9, 2009 2 comments

I just returned from my latest Gourmet Trip to Burgundy. These are one-of-a-kind trips. I’ve searched the internet and there is nothing else like this.

People who go on these trips are veterans of barge trips and other wine trips where you eat on the barge or in restaurants most of the time. Those are all good trips. And the people had enjoyable times on those trips. But they are unanimous in their preference for my trips. One man said it best. He and his wife went on a barge trip and loved it. So, they went on a second barge trip and again had a good time. Then, they met me and decided to go to Burgundy with me. About halfway through their Gourmet Trip with me, he said that “this trip is the major leagues and the other trips, while enjoyable, were the minor leagues.”

So, what sets my Gourmet Trips apart? Among other things, it is their uniqueness and authenticity. On no other trip do you actually get invited into the winemakers’ homes. Either the winemakers cook for you or we take a chef who cooks some of the meals in their homes. You are invited as a good friend and family member to experience their daily life, which is centered around their world-class wines and the delicious Burgundian culinary specialties prepared in their homes.

It’s all very relaxed and informal. In fact, one man who has traveled extensively to Europe said that this trip has a “level of intimacy that is rare in Europe”.

Trip participants say that if you enjoy food and wine together… and if you really want to connect with the winemakers on a real and significant level, then you will absolutely love this trip.

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